Logo for new holding company in industrial cables and cable assemblies

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  • Contest holder: Richard L.
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  • Start date : 16-05-2019 09:59
  • Ending date : 05-07-2019 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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Design a strong and modern logo for a new holding entity of a group of companies across Western Europe in the field of industrial cables and cable assemblies/harnesses. These companies are active in the fields of manufacturing, distribution and assembly.

Current 'working' name will be "Cable Connectivity Group", although the actual name is likely to still change.

The logo should communicate service, quality and reliability. We intend to use the logo for the overall group, with existing brands remaining in place (e.g. xxxx - part of the Cable Connectivity Group). Therefore, we'd like the logo to accomodate the option for 'brand hierarchy'.

We've included some rough sketches of first thoughts, but are very much open to broader design ideas.

Company description:

Company is a holding company for a group of companies in Western European active in manufacturing, distribution and assembly of specialty cables and cable assemblies/harnesses. The specialty cables are used in industrial, automated environments

Target group:

Target audience are buyers of these cables - typically engineers and/or installers

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