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Brandsupply is the international online marketplace for graphic design. We observed, listened, asked and deliberated, and believe that the features of a company provide the first impression. Therefore it is important to enhance your idea from the beginning "with the right outfit".

Traditional design agencies often find themselves beyond the reach of entrepreneurs, associations or foundations due to the fact, that they simply don’t have the budget. However, they might know someone who is very handy with computers, but do they really have a sense for graphic design and branding?

For this issue we have created an affordable solution. We help start-ups, SMEs, associations and foundations gain access to professional graphic design. Brandsupply brings online supply and demand together in the area of logo design, stationery design, webdesign, advertising and more. We think outside the box by giving designers a chance to offer their graphic designs online.

Are we do-gooders? No, we have a mission we are proud of. Every brand has its story and we would be honored to help you write the first page.

Team Brandsupply

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The team :


Orlando Founder

Orlando Kreileman

CEO / Founder

After completing a Master in Business Administration and a postdoctoral study, Orlando gained worthy experience in Marketing Management at a large multinational company before finding his way to entrepreneurship. As the CEO he is mainly busy with the strategy and daily management of the company. ‘Because of the limitless of the internet we can offer a solution for creatives and entrepreneurs with an international team in different countries. That is very interesting, as well personal as business-wise..’
Orlando lives in Amsterdam and besides surfing the web and the ocean, he enjoys snowboarding and literature.


Floris Country manager Netherlands

Floris Wagenaar Hummelinck


Floris has been working for Brandsupply since summer 2011, when the vacancy opened, due to the international expansion. It must have been fate, because it was right at the time he got his bachelor degree in Media Information & Communication. During his studies, Floris worked in the marketing department of a theater production company. When he is not working, Floris is playing soccer, reading, watching movies or strolling through the picturesque streets of Amsterdam. No exciting hobbies like cliff jumping or fighting bears, however, Floris ensures us that his life is exciting enough as it is. If your email is not immediately answered, he is probably playing ping pong with one of his colleagues. We sincerely apologize in advance.


Simon Country manager Germany

Esmee van der Veen

Community Manager the Netherlands

When Esmee was at the last phase of her studies Communication & Information Science at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen she decided to start an adventure. She moved from Groningen to Amsterdam and reinforced the team of Brandsupply as Community Manager for the Netherlands. She combines her job with her studies as she travels back and forth to Groningen one day a week for her last courses.  When Esmee is not at work she is working the weights and machines at the gym or running in one of Amsterdam’s picturesque parks. 


Katharina Communication manager

Thayalan Putra 

Community Manager Germany

Thay studied Media Economy and was looking for a job where he could implement all of the learned theory into practice. The desire to gain insight into an innovative young media company led him to Brandsupply. Besides his curiosity his love for music is what drives him most. So if he's not sitting in the office, listening to a lecture, watching Breaking-Bad for the thousandth time, surfing the internet, or chilling with his friends, he’s sitting in front of his computer and trying to produce his own music.



Katharina Communication manager

Robert Gutounig 

Community Manager Austria

Robert discovered his passion for digital media a while back and this passion has only got bigger. He has worked as a project manager for New Media in Austria and used his spare time to gain knowledge about abstract subjects like media philosophies. If Robert is not online he is probably reading a book or snowboarding.



Katharina Communication manager

Alexandre Bouard

Community Manager France

Simon joined the Brandsupply-team for an internship in May 2014 to take care of the growing French speaking community. Originally from Charente, he wanted to discover new countries after his graduation. He travelled through Australia for a year and afterwards, he moved in Thailand to teach in a primary school. These experiences changed his life. If your email is not immediately answered, he is probably playing music !




Radoš Country manager Serbia

Rados Culibrk

Community Manager Serbia

Rados joined the Brandsupply team in March 2012 when the team expanded in Serbia. After obtaining his B.S. in Economy and Marketing, Rados started working as a Marketing and Advertising Manager for a Promotional Agency Lupa in Belgrade. Soon after, he joined the Ivy league recruiting company where he is working as a Project Manager and Business Development consultant. Since he joined Brandsupply, Rados rediscovered his passion for Marketing and is constantly trying to expand his horizons. When he is not in the office he is probably at the club, under the table. Monday mornings can be a real bummer. 


Advisory Board :


Jérémie Country manager Frankrijk

Brian Hirman

Advisory board

Brian is an entrepreneur, investor and mentor involved in diverse digital companies, for example Forventures, eVentures Africa Fund, Starteenwinkel, Brandsupply,, r2b and app5. In 2006 Brian sold his interactive marketing agency Bookmark to Isobar. He became the CEO of Isobar Netherlands, an international full service digital agency network. Hirman is since 1992 active in the Digital media and Marketing industry.


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