Pukulan Kuntao

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  • Contest holder: Irbis
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 369.00
  • Start date : 13-11-2020 15:27
  • Ending date : 27-11-2020 00:00
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: ai
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  • Number of designs: 98
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Logo for old Dutch-Indonesian martial arts. It's older than pencak silat. Pukulan kuntao doesn't know stances, forms or belts. It's based on principles for survival of the real streetfight. in training we use Keris, Golok, Parang. For letter inspiration see uploadsmore info on: https://www.facebook.com/Pukulan-Kuntao-1630052377091654

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