Looking for a logo design for Blomstring a new webshop for premium quality flower bulbs

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  • Contest holder: MMVollering
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 250.00
  • Start date : 21-05-2020 12:49
  • Ending date : 29-05-2020 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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We have made a decision as to the logo and in addition I would like to give a special thanks to Sariaka, Philart, BadalHossain and Krisi. You gave us a hard time. Hope to be able to work with you in future projects. Kind regards, Mirjam

Pls also check the short briefing with our first thoughts on product, proposition, target groups and logo thoughts.

Blomstring is a new brand for premium quality flower bulbs. We are looking for a bold, lively logo. Also to be used on (gift) packaging, branded tape etc. Distinctive and a pleasure to receive.

Company description:

Blomstring is a new brand for premium quality flower bulbs from The Netherlands. To be sold in NL and EU. Via webshop, and possibly gardening shops (displays) and garden fairs.
Also the professional gardener/garden architect can order large quantities with Blomstring.

Blomstring means flowering (in Nordic languages).

Target group:

Our customers buys flower bulbs but thinks of flowers and gardening, professional customers select us for the quality of the bulbs.
At first sight we expect our customers to be 40+ of age, they see flower bulbs as a present, for themselves or other. We therefore take care for attractive packaging, we want them to be happy when they recognize the logo.
For business customers we want to select a bold and lively logo. This is us, Blomstring stands for quality.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

We are looking for a bold and lively logo. To be used also on packaging, and for example displays and branded tape. Distinctive and Herkenbaar, and a pleasure to receive.

After days 2, we hope this helps!
- The word Blomstring cannot be split into Blom-string... not in two colors or a visual in between. This would be like splitting the word flowe-ring or blosso-ming.
- We prefer a logo design where the visual is part of the logo (without altering the readability of the word itself) over a separate visual on top of the word Blomstring. Otherwise it feels like 2 logos. But again, we have seen beautiful visuals where we almost forgot the word Blomstring..
- We are curious to your translation towards a clean 'Scandinavian' touch of the logo, as Blomstring is a 'Scandinavian' word.

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