Logo for dogtrainer

Contest details:

  • Contest holder: Rasinus
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 100.00
  • Start date : 13-05-2019 16:00
  • Ending date : 19-06-2019 12:06
  • Status : Ended
  • Relevant files: None
  • Available languages:
  • Number of designs: 102
  • Response rate:
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The Logo will be used for business cards, flyers and also t-shirts.
It would be great if the homepage URL will be integrated (for example on T-Shirts), but it shoud be possible to use it also without it.

It should be simple and not too noble.
It would be great, if training and guesthouse could be seen in it and also my motto "Make work feel like play".
If design goes into direction "comicstyle" it shouldn't be to kiddy.

Company description:

i'm actually in education to become a dogtrainer. When finished i will practice a training center (especially for difficult dogs) with the possibily to be also guesthouse for a few ones.

Additional details are available on "schnauzencamp.at", but only in german.

Target group:

dog owners with communication problems to their "best friends"

Colors, favourites and other requirements

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