Logo for a company of scooters and bicycle taxis

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  • Start date : 04-01-2021 15:05
  • Ending date : 11-01-2021 00:00
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I am looking for a logo that can, at a glance, best reflect my company.
That is to say that ideally it would be great to be able to see at a glance :

That we offer several types of vehicles (even if it means writing it down).
Indeed, we are specialised in 3-wheeled vehicles, such as bicycle taxis, scooters, freighters...and we also have trolleys, bicycles...
That the company has existed since 2008 (eventually leaving, to write it down)
That we do manufacturing, renting ( more than 50 models /100 vehicles), and selling.

We also offer ancillary services such as the provision of personnel (to drive the vehicles...), the rental of accessories, advertising covering, transport of people and goods, customised manufacturing... and many other services...

Our current website is www.tripup.fr and is to be replaced by https://dev.tripup.fr/.

Company description:

We are a company, which has existed since 2008, manufacturing, renting and selling human-powered vehicles, some of them with electric assistance, such as bicycle taxis, scooters, trolleys, rosalies...and soon a bicycle - car ( http://www.tricycar.fr/ ). We have more than 100 models for rent....
Our current website www.tripup.fr and which before the end of January will be replaced by the content of this one https://dev.tripup.fr/

Target group:

Our target is essentially business to business (B to B).

We work mainly with brands, cities, communication agencies, distributors...

Colors, favourites and other requirements

Green...maybe blue

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