Design a fresh and appealing new logo for the Expertise centre Lifestyle Interventions

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The 'Expertisecentrum Leefstijlinterventies' (Dutch for Expertise centre Lifestyle Interventions) is mostly known as the owner of the CooL-program. CooL is the acronym for COaching Op Leefstijl (coaching on lifestyle), an innovative Dutch combined lifestyle intervention for overweight and obese people. The CooL-program aims for behavioural change with regards to healthy food, physical exercise, sleep, stress and relaxation in order to achieve weight loss. The Dutch government has made the CooL-lifestyle program available for overweighted and obese participants as part of the national health insurance package.
Key points of the Expertisecentrum Leefstijlinterventies are securing the continuity, availability and quality of lifestyle interventions such as the CooL-program by supporting the coaches, improving the interventions and making the results of the interventions visible. Key words of our approach: evidence based, bridging the gap between science and practice and to-the-point.
The CooL-logo was designed earlier and the look and feel of the website is also recently adjusted. Examples of both are attached and the new Expertisecentrum Leefstijlinterventies logo should be in line with both. It should exude a sense of vitality, healthiness and freshness as well as professionality and soberness. We are looking for a Dutch logo in vibrant colors (similar to the CooL-logo) but it should still be recognizable if printed in black and white.

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