Create a simple down to earth logo for our company Zen Mens

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  • Ending date : 28-05-2020 00:00
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In our company, Zen-Mens or ( we guide people to the State of Relaxation, through guided relaxation exercises, Bodywork and a combination of the two. There are also weekly evenings where we practice for relaxation through slow/soft movements.

Our approach is down-to-earth. We like it when this is translated in the logo.

What we certainly do not want is that there is a link to spirituality. Although we have a lot of knowledge about this, this is certainly NOT the intention to reflect this in our communication (logo).
This knowledge made us understand humanity and that every being is perfect like he or she is.
If you feel that a certain symbolism does fit, feel free to create. We are open to see what comes out.

If you want more information, you can always leave a message.

We are really curious how your creative, but simple, down to earth designs will look like.

We wish you good luck, designers.

Creative greetings,
nova and luc

Company description:

Hereby our vision mission.

Discover the power of relaxation.

The vision of nova and luc is that the first step to more happiness, freedom and success always starts from relaxation.
Achieve more with less effort!
They guide modern man to the State of Relaxation, so they can rediscovers its power and benefits of it.
This opens the way, for her and him, to a free, happy and successful life.

Thanks to the background of nova and luc, you learn through individual guidance and / or group activities what is real relaxation about. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
Afterwards you will learn to integrate this relaxation into your daily life.

This way you get the best out of yourself!

Target group:

She or he who understands or is willing to understand that relaxation is an essential part of life, such as healthy food, hairdresser, etc ... they are more than welcome.
We are also happy to share our expertise for those for whom relaxation is completely new. Towards more balance in their lives.

Our current clients are managers, lawyers, accountants, some athletes (golfers - football) who visit regularly.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

We like earthly colours like sand, terra cota red/orange, yellow ocher and range of blues/green/turquoise.

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