4Vita coaches gifted children highly intelligent their parents and schools

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Hi, I'm Mariska and I'm going to start my own business! I'm super excited!

I'd like a logo for the name 4Vita with 'Hoogbegaafdheid in-zicht' (giftedness in-sight) as a subtitile. 4Vita coaches gifted (highly intelligent) children that have struggles. But besides that I also help schools and parents that need help to manage gifted children. Gifted children can struggle with school, at home or with themselves.

I'd like to see the synergy between child, parents and school under my coaching in the logo. The logo should be powerfull, but at the same time friendly. PS: If possible,

Company description:

4Vita, hoogbegaafdheid in-zicht (giftedness in-sight), is a buisness in coaching gifted (highly intelligent) children, their parents and schools.

The name 4Vita is translated as celebrate life (but in Dutch). The goal of the coaching is to let children be able to celebrate successes and life again.

Target group:

Gifted (highly intelligent) children and there parents.
Schools who wants more inclusive education for gifted children.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

Powerfull and friendly
Synergy between child, parent and school (with help of 4Vita)
With subtitle
If possible a buzzard in it (not necessary)

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