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Country: The Netherlands
Instagram @waterliefde (it's the Dutch word for 'Waterlove')
Feel free to follow me if you like the goal I have with this blog!

Purpose: to make people on Dutch waters aware of how proud we have to be of our waters. But also to make them aware of the importance of keeping our waters (sea, rivers,canals, etc.) clean!
It is also a nice blog for anyone who is passionate about being on the water with a sailboat, ship, yacht, catamaran, dinghy, kayak.....and so on. But the goal is to first build the blog and than inspire hopefully everybody to be aware of our ecosystem.

I like a word-logo with a little extra (such as the logo of Waddenliefde, you can see this example at the website 'waddenliefde.com' - just an example from a logo I like - I can send more examples of what I like if you need this to picture what I'm looking for)

Rather not all kinds of 'frills' like water, waves, drops, boat, the Netherlands, etc. etc. What I mean is; Less is more. Because the word 'waterliefde' already explains a lot by itself...
I would like it if there was just something subtly extra to add in it, but there is no must in my request! Don't know if this should be a heart (maybe to general?), or something about water, or completely different shape like my example logo... Feel free to use your creativity.
I am looking for a beautiful, less is more, tranquility, professional. naturally radiating logo.
I hope you create something good, for an even more greater cause! :))
Instagram: @waterliefde

Ps. Once I have a logo I probably need more digital work in the future, so I hope to find someone who can do that too, so we can continue working together!

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