Logo modification for an aerial drone imagery company photos videos

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  • Contest holder: jfgo
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 100.00
  • Start date : 24-05-2021 12:10
  • Ending date : 07-06-2021 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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The name of our company is changing. The old name "inexcellsys" becomes "xlsys".
We want a new, modern, uncluttered logo, which uses the name "xlsys" or possibly the name with the suffix of the website "xlsys.be"
It can be in lowercase or uppercase letters depending on the proposed font.
The logo will be simple and sober, no frills, with a modern feel and rather technology-oriented, with a professional touch.
No handwritten font.
We will need one version of the logo on a light background and another on a dark background.
Contributors may suggest adding the terms 'aerial imagery' and 'drones' to the logo
You can consider color, but it's optional.
Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Company description:

aerial imagery company (drone photos/videos)

Target group:

Colors, favourites and other requirements

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    1. refky00 says

      look for your own creation , you have copied my design !

    2. jfgo says :

      Yes, I confirm this has been copied from refkyOO, not fair...

    3. picopic says

      sorry i can't delete my design back,

    4. This contest is finished. Its not possible to reply anymore.

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