Can you capture our identity in a logo

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  • Contest holder: Spikker & van Gurp
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 100.00
  • Start date : 10-09-2021 17:59
  • Ending date : 19-10-2021 08:10
  • Status : Active
  • Relevant files: None
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  • Number of designs: 170
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We are looking for a logo that represents our identity at first glance.

Who we are: Spikker & van Gurp. Friends, colleagues and recently also business partners. We both have our qualities and expertise, which makes us stronger together. The name Spikker & van Gurp comes from our surnames (Rosanne Spikker and Wietske van Gurp).

What we are: Knowledgeable, playful, empathetic, curious, accessible and bold

What we do: we specialize in communications training and consultancy. After our training, participants are able to really understand what drives someone. By leaving assumptions at the door and really hearing the other person, conversations become more valuable and the connection with the other person becomes stronger.
In addition to communication training and advice, we also organize events (children's parties, bingos).

What are we looking for in our logo:
* our company name ("Spikker & van Gurp")
* both our names are of equal importance, we are equal partners in our business
* we don’t want a logo that’s too corporate
* For the colours: we’d like a colour that’s not to bright. We like colours that are a deeper and warm shade.
* font(s) and any colours or symbols should match the story above
* we'd like to be able to adapt the logo to a smaller version with only our initials
* we will also use the logo for our merchandise (hoodies, stickers, etc.)

What do we not want in our logo: pink, curly letters, hearts, yin-yang symbols, photos

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