Design a logo for our new company ’Duurzaam kantoor be’ sustainable office

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We need a logo for our new (Belgium) company Duurzaam kantoor > translated: Sustainable office ( As you can see the name of the company is very clear, basic and 'straight forward'. We are therefore looking for a thought-through & symbol for the logo. A logo that if you look at it a little longer, you have an 'oh yeah!' moment.

In the appendix you will find examples of such logos and our color codes. These are examples where the letters of the company are not used in the symbol. This is also the case for Duurzaam Kantoor. We are not looking for the letters D&K implemented in a symbol/icon but a icon that fits a sustainable office.

The road to sustainability is very important, because you will not easily become a sustainable office. It's about a change of mindset and behaviour.

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